The pandemic has created an uncertain time for people all over the world, which has made us think more about how important our health really is. Saladplate has selected healthy foods, drinks and supplements from Japan for this, our third Japan Festival. Our Japanese suppliers are providing exclusive discounts and free samples. Start sourcing today and contact us directly if you have special sourcing requests!

PLANTz Corporation

Choka’s Co, Ltd

Marukai Corporation

Wadaman Co, Ltd  
Japanese Sesame

MNH Co, Ltd   
Japanese Brown Rice Drink

Japonte Ltd
Roasted Seaweed

Goshu Yakuhin Co, Ltd
Rehydration Water

Tanakafoods Co, Ltd
Additive-Free Rice Seasoning

Earthink Corporation
Organic Uji Matcha Green Tea Powder

Top Trading Co. Ltd.
100% Pure Premium Kiyomi (Citrus) Juice

Yellow Doctor Japan
Guamaral Seaberry Protein Bar

IA Foods
Konjac Deli Spaghetti Style Shirataki

Sucrey Co. Ltd
Japanese Indigo Tea

Kobataen Co. Ltd.