What is Saladplate?

Saladplate is an online marketplace designed for Food and Hospitality professionals. By popular demand, Informa Markets, the organiser of Food and Hotel China (FHC), Food and Hotel Asia (FHA) etc. brings to you Asia’s professional B2B online platform for the industry. Our unique O2O solution is backed by 24 trade shows in Asia, with over 40 years of excellence. 

We aim to cultivate long-term mutual success of the Food and Hospitality community members by reinventing the business development and operation experience. We’re committed to the digital transformation of the industry we love.

Who We Are?

We're insider

For the last 40 years, Informa has been helping food and hospitality industry professionals like yourself discover innovative new products and build long-lasting relationships with business partners at Asia’s preeminent food and hospitality trade shows. With such a vast experience in bringing businesses together, we’ve learned a lot about the industry – and that is how we knew the time was right to create Saladplate, an online marketplace specially tailored to match food and hospitality buyers and sellers.

Efficiency and quality run through everything we do

Every year, many thousands of buyers visit our trade shows – but at the heart of our culture lies our forum for creating quality, cost-efficient business opportunities for each and every professional we engage with. With the same commitment to quality and efficiency, we decided to extend the Informa experience beyond the trade shows, launching Asia’s largest online marketplace dedicated to the food and hospitality industry so that you can enjoy the same business engagements you expect from our trade shows online, all-year round.

A whole new era of O2O for trade professionals

Generic online marketplaces for business matchmaking have been around for some time, but none of them are effective in simulating the real trading environment of our industry – and all too often, quality is sacrificed. In some cases, generic marketplaces have exaggerated channel conflicts for both brands and distributors. 

In the new era of digitally enabled global trading, our mission is to operate our marketplace both online and offline in complementary ways that support the long-term health of the industry. Our solution is founded on a balance of efficiency, quality, sustainability and accessibility.

Fresh ideas. Simple Solutions. Find yours at Saladplate.com.

How it works?

We offer the mobile-first one-stop solution from branding to sales and marketing. Both buyers and suppliers can benefit from joining Saladplate:



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