Restaurant Business: How Do You Ace The Marketing Game During A Health Emergency?

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These are times of crisis. Change is the only constant. Like all crisis, this too shall pass. For restaurant owners, the change in prices, menus, staffing system and procurement method isn’t permanent. Uncertain times demand flexibility, and restaurant will have to show a readiness to alter their standard operating procedures to wade through these stormy times.

A Restaurateur’s Guide to Surviving Coronavirus

Rapidly tightening government restrictions on cross-border travel has seen the ranks of tourists shrink, the cancellation of trade shows and conferences throughout Asia has seen business visitor numbers plummet – and compounding that, nervous locals are staying home to reduce the risk of infection.

Christmas: A Unique Market Opportunity in Asia

What does the holiday season look like for the hospitality industry? The festive Christmas holiday season is without a doubt one of the busiest times of the year for the hospitality industry.

Pokémon, People and Prestige: How Partnerships Add Value to The Peninsula

Luxury hotel chains like The Peninsula are increasingly exploring new business opportunities to supplement their core hospitality income. They are chasing an obvious payoff: not only do these retail channels and brand partnerships provide additional income streams, they build brand awareness, especially for their food and beverage divisions.

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