The realities we believed in have changed radically and we are adapting to new emerging patterns in the industries we serve. COVID-19 has impacted all our lives, threatens the way we conduct business and interrupts whole supply chains. This crisis is forcing us to re-think food security, questioning the notion from farm to fork and even sustainable food innovation.

This webinar series brings together a wide array of thought-leaders discussing our current reality and a possible path to a post-Covid world in food and innovation. Register for free, get involved with live Q&A and download exclusive content on May 28th brought to you by Informa Markets and in collaboration with

meet our speakers

Aaron Pearce

APAC Managing Director
Virtue by Vice
Aaron has owned two restaurants and worked on both the publisher and agency sides of media.Now with Vice Media, he leads the Virtue creative agency business, with eight offices around the Asia-Pacific region.

Christian Cadeo

Managing Partner
Big Idea Ventures
Christian is currently the Managing Partner for Big Idea Ventures. Prior to this Christian was a seasoned operator, experienced in bringing US-based startups to Asia.

Heidi Yu Spurrel

Food Made Good HK
With a diverse background in marketing, analysis, food retail and restaurants, Heidi looks forward to supporting the F&B sector on its sustainability journey and accelerating the pace of change in Hong Kong.

John Friedman

AgFunder Asia
John is involved in business development and is a member of AgFunder's investment team. He was previously an investment banker with 12 years’ experience in public markets at Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank.

Richard Ruddy

Chief Retail Officer, Head of Grocery
Richard is Lazada Singapore’s Chief Retail Officer and leads the Grocery Retail Division, including the merchandising, pricing, insights & analytics, supply chain and private-label teams. Originally from the UK, Richard has extensive experience in food supply and the retail industry, ranging from global multinationals to start-ups.

Vandana Dhaul

Head,Accelerator Operations
Vandana works with startups, corporates, researchers and investors to accelerate the development of cutting-edge agrifood technologies, products and business models.

Alistair Monument

Conservation Impact Director
Asia Pacific WWF
As the lead of WWF’s Global Forest Practice, Alistair oversees the delivery of projects and initiatives in more than 60 countries worldwide. Alistair is a qualified forester and auditor with 25 years of experience in over 40 countries, from multi-stakeholder initiatives, certification and conservation, to workers’ rights, ethical finance and strategic programme development.

Christine Gould

Thought For Food
Christine is the Founder and CEO of Thought For Food (TFF), the world’s entrepreneurial innovation engine for food and agriculture. To date, TFF has empowered more than 20,000 next-generation entrepreneurs in over 175 countries with the mindsets, skills and connections they need to build successful, socially responsible businesses, and has helped to launch over 50 startups worldwide and across all parts of the value chain.

Helene Raudaschl

Managing Director
Indoguna Singapore
Exposed to a strong food culture from a young age, Helene always knew that food would be her passion. Her family has been in the food business for more than 30 years in Hong Kong, so she has acquired a taste for premium produce imported from all over the world. 

Luke Tay

Principal Futurist
Singapore Food Agency
Luke has an academic background in political science and history. He has served in a range of policy, strategy, international relations and operational roles, with a focus on foresight and scenario planning.

Roshith Rajan

Roshith is responsible for strategy development in Asia Pacific, with a particular focus on responsible and sustainable food, food waste, single-use plastics, small and local business inclusion, food insecurity and women’s empowerment in communities.

Xin Yi Lim

XinYi is responsible for leading Pinduoduo’s international agriculture and agritech efforts in research and partnerships. Prior to joining Pinduoduo, she worked for Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund, GIC as a technology and media analyst in its Public Equities division.

Andrew Ive

Big Idea Ventures
Andrew is the founder of Big Idea Ventures, whose purpose is to solve the world’s biggest challenges by supporting the world’s best entrepreneurs. The company’s first fund and accelerator (NY & Singapore) invests in plant-based foods and ingredients to impact climate change, animal welfare and personal health.

Elaine Siu

Managing Director
The Good Food Institute Asia Pacific
Elaine leads GFI’s work in Asia Pacific. She has more than 10 years experience at global law firms and financial institutions specialising in corporate and finance law, from IPO and M&A to structured products and investment funds.

Ilanit Kabessa Cohen

Global Head of Venturing
Dole Packaged Food
Ilanit is an Agri-FoodTech expert and multinationals Innovation-Growth leader with a proven track record of more than 20 years.

Nick Halla

Senior Vice President
International at Impossible Foods
Nick has held numerous senior executive roles at Impossible Foods and currently serves as Senior Vice President for International, overseeing the company’s growing global presence, including overseas business development and operations.

Sarai Kemp

Vice President Deal Flow
Trendlines AgTech
Sarai has been VP Business Development for Trendlines Agrifood since 2012, responsible for directing the business and financial development and fund-raising strategies and activities for early-stage portfolio companies. His role included developing innovative technologies and products in aquaculture, crop protection, precision ag, foodtech and other related sectors.

Oliver Esser

Laguna ECO Lodge Ngapali Beach

Coming Soon

Oliver Esser
Laguna ECO Lodge Ngapali Beach

Ankesh Shahra

Founder & CEO
Agrimax Ventures
Ankesh is the Founder and CEO of Agrimax Ventures. His passion lies in developing and adapting innovative agri-food technologies and bringing them to life at a grassroots level.

Elissa Lane

Co-Founder & CEO
Global Food Partners
Elissa brings more than a decade of experience in advising food and hospitality industry leaders worldwide on the development and execution of animal welfare sourcing policies, with a focus on cage-free egg production.

Isabelle Decitre

Founder & CEO
ID Capital
Isabelle is the Founder & CEO of ID Capital (, a company incorporated in Singapore in 2012. She has specialised in venture capital investments in agri food tech in Asia Pacific.

Nicole Fall

Asian Consumer Intelligence
Nicole is Founder and Head of Trends at Asian Consumer Intelligence / Five by Fifty. The British national divides her time between Asia, Europe and the US and works with brands including McDonald’s, Google, Wagamama, Anheuser Busch, Kerry Group, and the world’s biggest flavour houses, along with extensive hospitality experience to help clients deliver value and drive growth.

Tim Hill

Key Accounts Director
Tim has worked in B2B research and media in Asia since 1992. He provides economic forecasts, consumer insights, channel assessments and business trends to companies looking to expand their business footprint in the Southeast Asia region.

Ben Sorum, Dannie Sorum


Coming Soon

Ben Sorum, Dannie Sorum

More speakers to be announced soon.

Webinar agenda

9:45 - 10:20

  • COVID-19’s impact on the global economy and the foodservice sector
  • Core components of sustainable foodservice
  • Attitudes towards sustainability from consumers in Southeast Asia
Speaker: Tim Hill, Key Accounts Director South East Asia, GlobalData

10:30 - 11:20

Before COVID-19 hit, a sea change in food was on the horizon with emerging sustainable food solutions, new food products, new business models and changing consumer patterns. Now, COVID-19 has interrupted whole supply chains, forcing us to think about food security and even questioning the notions of from farm to fork or sustainable food innovations.

This crisis reveals how one needs more than a great product and funding to succeed in the next decade. The panel will discuss these and more of Asia’s realities:

Is the future of food a return to established patterns created by “Big Food” producers?
What makes food investment appealing and what is going to change?
How can you win in a world where consumers stay home?
Who are the winners and losers in a Post-COVID world?

A study estimates a massive US$800 billion (S$1.09 trillion) extra on top of existing investment levels will be needed for Asia to feed itself sustainably during the next 10 years. This comes as spending on food in the region is expected to double to US$8 trillion by 2030, with 250 million more mouths – almost equivalent to the size of Indonesia’s population – to feed at the same time.

Speaker: Andrew Ive, Founder, Big Idea Ventures
Speaker: Vandana Dhaul, Head – Accelerator Operations, GROW
Speaker: John Friedman, Director, AGFunder Asia
Speaker: Ankesh Shahra, Founder, Managing Director, Agrimax Ventures
Speaker: Ilanit Kabessa, Global Head of Venturing, Dole Packaged Food
Moderated by: Luke Tay, Principal Futurist, Singapore Food Agency

11:30 – 12:20

COVID-19 has created or impacted food trends in unforeseen ways. Conscious consumers may express increased interest in functional foods or sustainable brands.

As generation Z defines emerging consumer patterns, new product launches may be driven directly by farmers using new technologies.

Join this conversation on the “new normal” of the foods we consume.

Speaker: Nicole Fall, Founder, Asian Consumer Intelligence
Speaker: Christine Gould. Founder, 
Thought For Food
Speaker: Isabelle Decitre, Founder & CEO, ID Capital

12:30 - 13:20

Prepared at Laguna Lodge Eco Hotel from Ngapali Beach, Myanmar’s most famous stretch of sand, and one of the country’s most beautiful.The co-founder of the Myanmar Chefs Association will teach you his newest recipe and talk about sustainability of cooking, tourism, farming, fishing and mangroves.

Chef: Oliver Esser, Environmentalist/Chef, Laguna ECO Lodge Ngapali Beach

13:30 - 14:20

As alternative proteins are pushing into the mainstream, there are still many hurdles to be met. How do you market these foods? What is the untapped potential? What opportunities lie ahead for distributors?

A panel discussion on value, roadmap and distribution channels. This panel is discussing:

  • What impact does COVID-19 have on the alternative protein market?
  • What can suppliers do to support their partners in a COVID-19 world?
  • How can we change consumer habits?
Panelist: Christian Cadeo, Managing Partner, Big Idea Ventures
Panelist: Nick Halla, Senior Vice President, Impossible Foods
Panelist: Elaine Siu, Managing Director, The Good Food Institute Asia Pacific
Moderated by: Aaron Pearce, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Virtue by VICE Media

14:30 - 15:20

The number of people affected by COVID-19 continues to climb, with confirmed cases at more than 4.5 million and the number of deaths at more than 300,000 (Johns Hopkins University, WHO). And 96% of global travel destinations have imposed some form of restrictions since January 2020 (UN World Tourism Organization) and people are confined to their homes.

Food supply chains are interrupted, food security is high on everyone’s agenda and a critical, speedy return to (a new?) normal still seems far away, alas.

New consumer patterns as well as distribution channels are emerging as ecommerce and traditional retailers have seen extreme increases.

This panel will discuss:
What impact does COVID-19 have on the future of food distribution?
How do companies shift their food supply chains to meet the growing demand for home-cooking?
What role will e-commerce platforms play in the recovery, and in a post COVID-19 world?
How can supply chains become more secure when borders are shut and workers are not allowed to return to work?
How does a change in the supply chain impact food producers?

Speaker: Xin Yi Lim. Director, Investor Relations, Pinduoduo
Speaker: Richard Ruddy, Chief Retail Officer, Head of Grocery, Lazada
Speaker: Helene Raudaschl, Managing Director, Indoguna Singapore
Moderator: Sarai Kemp, Vice President Deal Flow, Trendlines AgTech

15:30 - 16:20

What got us here, won’t get us there. The effect of COVID-19 on livelihoods is immense and the hospitality and F&B sector is not immune. This crisis is a stark reminder of how fragile our food systems are. From the interdependence of the global supply chain to fostering localised food solutions, re-tooling to stronger, more sustainable practices should play a vital part in the road to recovery. The panel will discuss how resilience, SDG’s and trade-offs may be compatible in the ‘new normal’ post-COVID-19 F&B world:
  • Will this crisis accelerate adoption of sustainable practices or would that hinder rapid recovery efforts? Is it a safety vs sustainability debate?
  • What role can sustainability play in coping with the pressure of COVID-19 on F&B?
  • What would a responsible recovery look like?
  • How could a post-COVID-19 foodservice sector balance its need for growth with sustainable practices?
  • Is there a silver lining for sustainability in foodservice in a Post-COVID-19 world?
Speaker: Tim Hill, Key Accounts Director South East Asia, GlobalData
Speaker: Roshith Rajan, Director Corporate Responsibility Asia Pacific, Sodexo
Speaker: Elissa Lane, CEO, Global Food Partners
Speaker: Alistair Monument, Conservation Impact Director, Asia Pacific WWF
Moderated by: Heidi Yu Spurrell, Founder and CEO Food Made Good HK

16:30 - 17:15

Digital Detox - Creative Coffee & Cocktails

A virtual live Session from Bangkok by The Sorum Brothers(HillPoP)

* All Webinar sessions are under GMT+8 timezone